Advanced Podcast Statistics

Play and Partial Reporting Data

You pour your heart and passion into every podcast episode, hoping that hard work translates into a growing audience. And you track your podcast stats every episode. But how do you know — quantitatively — if your audience paid attention from start to finish? Without that information, it can be difficult to improve your programming. That’s why Blubrry offers partial download reporting for hosting customers.

Partial Reporting Data – Show Views

What is play and partial download reporting? And why do you need it?

Being the first company in the industry to achieve IAB certification, you can trust the data we report to be exceptionally accurate. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your content and paint a clearer picture to stakeholders and advertisers. 

It might not look like much, but that small increase in data means a big increase in audience insights. With our proprietary measurement platform, our approach sifts through your play and download data to determine, with uncanny accuracy, which of those plays and downloads were complete and which weren’t. You’ll be able to tell when and where you might have lost your audience’s attention, enabling you to improve your podcast content, pacing and format.

What does Plays, Partials and Full Downloads say about your podcast

Lots! A healthy podcast will typically see 1/3 of their audience fully download each episode, while the remainder come from in-app/in-page plays and partial downloads. Let’s look at a breakdown of what we report:

  • Full Downloads – Number of listeners who downloaded your podcast completely, typically for listening later or offline
  • Plays and Partials – Number of listeners who played your podcast in-app/in-page:
    • 1 Minute to 25%
    • 25% to 50%
    • 50% to 75%
    • 75% to 99.99%

One minute is the minimum required per IAB Podcast Measurement to count a play or download. As you can see, Blubrry Advanced Statistics goes beyond IAB requirements, giving you a full picture how your content is consumed from start to finish.


Advanced Stats are available for $5 a month


Hosting customers can purchase Advanced Stats in the Podcaster Dashboard. Select “Purchase Advanced Statistics” under Billing > Manage Subscriptions.


Partial Download Data – Episode View

Advanced Statistics is available exclusively for Blubrry Podcast Hosting customers.

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