Dynamic Podcast Advertising Insertion

Managing your podcast campaigns has never been easier than with Blubrry’s podcast advertising insertion system.

Monetizing doesn’t have to be difficult, utilize our advertising injection system to manage and maintain your advertisements all in one place.

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Accuracy Matters

Ease your stats worries knowing that Blubrry was the first podcasting company to be certified compliant from the IAB Podcast Technical Lab. Learn more here. Our professional statistics, including with our hosting, provide accurate numbers that are critical in conjunction with your advertisements.

Sponsor Benefits

Advertisers want assurance that their ads will be released on time and in the correct placement – take away any concerns with our hosting and dynamic advertising insertion. Blubrry podcasters have to be a professional customer to utilize this service – learn more here. You have the flexibility to insert ads, promotions or additional audio into any episode and they will remain there as long as you’d like. Your ad and episode content will sound the same through our audio leveling technology of the inserted spot, which is great for your listeners.

Favored Features

[list] [li][icon type=”fa fa-calendar” fontsize=”20″ color=”#1976d2″] Easy scheduling[/li] [li][icon type=”fa fa-tasks” fontsize=”20″ color=”#1976d2″] Multiple episodes, podcasts and campaigns[/li] [li][icon type=”fa fa-bullseye” fontsize=”20″ color=”#1976d2″] Consistent delivery: all listeners hear the same advertisement[/li] [li][icon type=”fa fa-puzzle-piece” fontsize=”20″ color=”#1976d2″] Management: change priority, start and end dates whenever you’d like[/li] [/list]

Simple Advertising Insertion

Free! Pre-Roll

These are advertisements that are at the very beginning of your episode. Available for all professional hosting podcasters, pre-roll ads are included for the latest 50 episodes published. Schedule your campaign to start and stop whenever you’d like, giving you the ability to plan ahead. All pre-roll ads limited to one campaign at a time.

Full Advertising Insertion

Pre-Mid-Post Roll

Looking for something more extensive than pre-roll? We’ve got it. An all placement option is available for $49.00 a month, plus a .10 fee for each episode you change with ads. You’ll be able to insert a pre-roll, a mid-roll somewhere around the halfway point in the episode and wrap it up with a post-roll. Manage multiple campaigns at once, for individual shows and your entire network. Limit 12 spots per episode.

Future Feature

Geographic Targeting

Coming Q4 of 2019, you’ll be able to designate your advertisements to specific areas with our geographic targeting tier. Our statistics utilize designated market areas (DMA) and this will assist in targeting your ads for cities all over the U.S.

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To learn more about Blubrry’s dynamic advertising insertion system, such as functionality, take a look at the documentation.