Uploading and Publishing Only Media Files

You can upload and publish media files from your blubrry podcast media hosting account without additional meta data, blog post or episode show notes. You will be provided only a media URL using the following instructions.

1. Sign into www.blubrry,com, then navigate to “manage account”. From the manage account menu, select the “content” menu, then select “media files (podcast hosting)”. This screen lists all of the media files you have previously published that are public (available online).

2. Switch to the unpublished view. (link View: Uploaded (Unpublished) Media). This switches you to the media files you’ve uploaded but have not made public (unavailable online)

3. To upload media, click the link titled “Upload New Media”.

4. Once your file is uploaded, return to the previous screen of unpublished files, you should now see your recently uploaded file. click the link labeled “Make Public” for the media file you want to make available online.

5. Once the file is made public, the media URL will be printed at the top of the page. You may now copy the URL for what ever it was intended for.

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