Implementing Blubrry Podcast Statistics on Soundcloud

Statistics can be redirected for Soundcloud. Below are the steps for implementing Blubrry podcast statistics on SoundCloud. By adding your RSS feed redirect to SoundCloud in their settings we are able to grab your statistics from SoundCloud and include them in your overall statistics. We are aware that SoundCloud can be a large portion of your listeners (ranging from 70-90%).

Redirecting your RSS feed benefits you because you are gathering stats from multiple outlets. If you use hosting with Blubrry but not using our statistics, you can rely on your RSS feed to still receive statistics.

Blubrry measures all media URL downloads. Whatever is downloaded and consumed via the SoundCloud podcast RSS feed is measured. We measure media URL downloads and streams, country and state information, platforms such as Windows and Mac, applications such as, iTunes, and podcatchers, phones, TV apps and Web browsers.

To use your RSS feed to acquire these stats we’ve included some tips to get them from their website.

Steps to Implement

  1. Log into SoundCloud
  2. Click on settings, found under the three dots next to mail
  3. In the Content tab add your Blubrry Stats Redirect URL where it says “Stats service URL prefix”
  4. Save changes and you’re done!
Soundcloud RSS Feed Setting
SoundCloud Settings with your RSS feed

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