SoundCloud for Podcasting

SoundCloud for Podcasting

SoundCloud for podcasting is now available for the general public. At Blubrry, we want to make sure you are setting up your account on SoundCloud correctly for podcasting. We went ahead and decided to give you some information on their settings as well as ensuring you can still use our redirect.

Getting Set Up for a Podcast

SoundCloud Basic Content
Adding your RSS feed

Under your Settings make sure that you click on the Include RSS feed option at the bottom. Without an RSS feed, a podcast is nothing. Here you can also define what your feed title, name and the category your program fits into best among other options.

SoundCloud Permissions
Enabling podcasting settings

This is another way to set up the RSS feed option. Enabling app playback is essential if you put the player on your own website. The embed code ensures that it is public, and enabling downloads is also important for podcasting. Look out for these permissions.


Soundcloud RSS Feed Setting
Stats Service with Blubrry URL

The redirect information is for the Stats URL Prefix…

For more information, click here.

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