Getting started

Getting started with a new service can be a little confusing, Blubrry is here to help make it as easy as possible for you. We’ve laid out the steps for some basic steps with our services.

How it works

Blubrry Statistics is designed for measuring media downloads. Unlike regular website statistics, we take into consideration the destination, resuming downloads, duplicate requests and network errors to filter out data that would otherwise inflate your statistics. We do all this work to provide you realistic and reliable podcast statistics.

Our stats are based on tracking media URL downloads. A redirect is put with your media URL, ( When a media URL is downloaded, we can tell if it has been done via a Web browser, mobile device (separating iOS and Android), bots and crawlers, etc.. To get these amazing results you must add the redirect URL to your media URL. Lets get started.

How to implement

Free Stats and Professional Stats are Implemented the exact same way.

  1. In the Manage Account tab, click Measure and then Media Statistics
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions and agree to Enable Free Statistics
  3. Click on Getting Started
  4. Place your redirect URL in front of the URL to your media. This can be found on the Getting Started page

Data will begin to gather in about 24 hours.

Using the redirect for a plugin or application

If using PowerPress

  1. In PowerPress, click on Services and Stats
  2. Click on ‘Click here to configure Blubrry Statistics and Hosting Services’
  3. Enter Blubrry information. If using Blubrry hosting as well, select Statistics and Hosting Integration under Select Blubrry Services
  4. Save all changes made

If using a different plugin or application

1.   Use an existing media link

2.  Remove http:// at the beginning

3.   Place your media redirect URL in front of the link

These are some services that support the Blubrry Redirect

PowerPress Plugin


PodPress Plugin

PowerPress is consistently maintained and designed specifically for podcasting so we recommend that you use it for your program. Even better, you don’t have to configure the redirect for every episode. Set it up once and PowerPress will take care of the rest.

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